Here I will share stories about different artists I know and have been influenced by, along with images of their work and my thoughts about what they’re making. These are creative individuals who impact the world with their presence, be it through visual art, music, film, literature, etc.

My first featured artist will be Riva Lehrer, a Chicagoan with an important voice, a brilliant mind, and exceptional talent. When I first decided to dedicate a piece of my site specifically to talking about other artists, I imagined this being a monthly feature, but my first piece, about Riva, has challenged me in unexpected ways, and the project as a whole is evolving. I look forward to sharing more with you soon.


Zora: How I Understand 40×50 Pastel, colored pencil & collage on Mylar


Other pieces I’ve written about Riva:

Risk Pictures @ Printworks Gallery 2016

Eye Exam; The skin she lives in – Riva Lehrer @ Printworks Gallery 2011

Totems & Familiars – Riva Lehrer @ Printworks Gallery 2008