I decided to illustrate the following line from the story:

“When I was a kid I used to get confused about the difference between astronauts and dinosaurs. The only evidence of either one was basically just footprints. And rocks.”

I appreciate the childlike disbelief in what the world takes for granted, the idea that these facts could be disregarded based solely on lack of exposure to them. And I’d say that this is actually a common modus operandi, akin to denial. Most of these text drawings are 22×30″ and all are made using Sharpies.

Designing and drawing out these text pieces also yielded a happy accident while I was considering the nature of communication and information, how what we say is freighted with alternate meaning and subtext and that there exists between the lines a rich, often unspoken truth. Take a look at a couple of text-derived images in the MISC gallery for examples (more to be posted soon).


_MG_1754 copy



_MG_1740 copy

_MG_1747 copy


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