Below you will find available works of art. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions via email at notjackkerouac@yahoo.com or through this site. I also accept PayPal via the previously mentioned email address. Don’t be shy. All works are signed originals and looking for receptive walls to live on. You are welcome anytime. We’re always open.

Please note: You may click any of the images below to take a closer look. You may also navigate the GALLERIES tab above for more information and additional photos from each of the categories of work that follow. But most importantly, you may enjoy.


Drawings from Facing the Music

Left to right 1 through 3

James Bladwin 22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 1500US

The Secular Gospel of St. James 22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 1500US

William S. Burroughs 12×16 marker/paper (unframed) 350US

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Drawing from Color


Dumptrump 10×14 marker/paper (unframed) 200US

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Drawings from Notes to Self

Left to right 1 through 6

1  Unbound 22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 5000US

2  Cunt 22×30 marker/paper (framed) sold

3  Made my bed II 22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 2000US

4  Call the girls I 22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 2000US

5  Made my bed I 22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 2000US

6  You seem to think 22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 2000US

Left to right 7 through 12

7  Bound 22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 2000US

8  Call the girls III 18×30 marker/paper (unframed) 2000US

9  Want in one hand 22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 2000US

10  Granite to shove I 22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 2000US

11  Granite to shove II 18×30 marker/paper (unframed) 2000US

12  I’ll lie in it 22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 2000US

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Drawings from The Collector

Left to right 1 through 6

1  That redolent active ingredient 13×30 marker/paper (unframed) 800US

2  Feed one kind and starve another 13×30 marker/paper (unframed) 800US

3  The collector felt himself collected 13×30 marker/paper (unframed) 800US

4  Tidy analogues for sex or the forest 13×30 marker/paper (unframed) 800US

5  Seashells or star dust you took into your body 13×30 marker/paper (unframed) 800US

6 Wine uncorked 13×30 marker/paper (unframed) 800US

Left to right 7 through 11

Reading the secret inscriptions that underwrote the universe 13×30 marker/paper 800US

Finding only crumbs in the corners 11×30 marker/paper (unframed) 800US

Which gave his life a new grim purpose 13×20 marker/paper (unframed) 700US

10  Your filthy name put on a star 13×20 marker/paper (unframed) 700US

11  Complicity with star dust 13×20 marker/paper (unframed) 700US

Left to right 12 through 16

12  22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 700US

13  22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 700US

14  22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 700US

15  22×30 marker/paper (unframed) 700US

16  22×30 marker/paper (unframed) sold

Left to right 17 through 18

17  Envelopes whose overlaid routes would describe the nervous system of the world 16×20 marker/paper (unframed) sold

18  The universe was the glue that held him together 16×20 marker/paper (unframed) 500US

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Drawings from (small people) series III

Stories about strangers 18×24 marker/paper (framed) 500US

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Drawings from What I See When I Only Listen

Left to right 1 through 6

Raga 18×24 marker on paper (framed) 2000US

Sampradaya 18×24 marker on paper (framed) sold

After years of waiting 18×24 marker on paper (unframed) 1000US

Snails pace 18×24 marker on paper (unframed) 1000US

Internal roadmap 22×30 marker on paper (unframed) 2000US

How to disappear completely 18×24 marker on paper (framed) 2000US

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Drawings from Black+White

Left to right 1 through 3

1  Opening the grave, wearing the mask, checking the watch 18×24 marker/paper (framed) sold

2  I grieve that grief can teach me nothing 18×24 marker/paper (framed) 2000US

3  I’ll eat your shame and make you new 22×30 marker/paper (framed) 3000US

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