This is a blessedly partial archive of pieces I’ve had published in various magazines, newspapers, and websites dating back to 2007 or so. More will be added, however, as I excavate them from dusty hard drives and scratched data CDs. You have my words.


An interview with filmmaker Caveh Zahedi for a previous blog I had.

An interview with filmmaker Scott Prendergast for that same blog.



Reviews and features published in Chicago’s arts-driven weekly newspaper; other contributors include Chris Ware, Jason Foumberg, and Tony Fitzpatrick. Not that I’m comparing myself to any of them. Let’s not be ridiculous. Or let’s. You can do whatever the hell you want.

From Here to There @ Spertus Institute

Mary Porterfield @ Hofheimer Gallery

David Criner @ A+C Architects

Henry Darger’s Vivian Girls @ Intuit Center for Intuitive & Outsider Art

Wild Cuts @ Woman Made Gallery  /  Natalie Frank @ Rhona Hoffman

Working in America @ Harold Washington Library

Riva Lehrer @ Printworks, 2016  /  Jennifer Cronin @ I Am Logan Square

Russ White @ Werkspace  /  Jason Middlebrook @ Monique Meloche Gallery

Riva Lehrer @ Printworks  /  Artropolis wrap-up  /  Lori Nix @ Catherine Edelman Gallery

Zach Taylor & Aaron Williams @ Linda Warren Gallery  /  The Yes Men @ Glass Curtain Gallery

Howard Finster @ Chicago Cultural Center  /  Lauren Gregory @ Swimming Pool Project Space

Ricky Jay @ The Royal George Theater  /  A Brief interview with Ricky Jay

Beatrice Fisher @ Woman Made Gallery  /  Heartland Visions @ Intuit Museum of Outsider Art

Lucia Fabio & EC Brown @ Mini Dutch  /  The Art of Democracy @ Loyola University Museum

Portrait of the Curator: Allegoric  /  Michael McKean @ Three Walls

Busted Amp @ Columbia’s A+D Gallery  /  Deadline Projects

The Object of Nostalgia @ Columbia’s A+D Gallery  /  Dear Art Thief

Profile of the Artist: Pamela Johnson  /  David Hockney & Lawrence Weschler @ MCA



Parenthood at three Chicago spaces, with Robin Dluzen



Contributions as a guest blogger for art21.org, a place where time will not be wasted should you decide to spend it there. From their website: “Over the past decade, Art21 has established itself as the preeminent chronicler of contemporary art and artists through its Peabody Award-winning biennial television series, Art in the Twenty-First Century. The nonprofit organization has used the power of digital media to introduce millions of people of all ages to contemporary art and artists and has created a new paradigm for teaching and learning about the creative process.” Not too shabby, right?

Uncertain Spectator @ EMPAC

Connecting – Part 1: Art as transportation

Connecting – Part 2: Useful Junk

Connecting – Part 3: Ceci n’est pas une Twinkie

Connecting – Part 4: All spin of one kind or another

Connecting – Part 5: Effortless

Connecting – Part 6: Postscript and postmortem



A cover story for the Chicago Reader about twin artists Ryan and Trevor Oakes, inventors of a machine that cajoles their cerebral cortices into rendering perfect diminishing perspective without the use of a lens or projector. Lawrence Weschler and especially the Reader’s own (at the time) Michael Miner were of great assistance with this piece. Miner told me this was “the kind of story that made The Reader great.”

You can read it here on their website, or as a PDF.



Interview with Matt Woodward & Linda Warren

Lora Fosberg @ Linda Warren Gallery

Half the Sky – part 1 & part 2

Laughter at the Chicago Humanities Festival

Beatrice Fisher in memoriam

CHF because I love it

The Yes Men in Chicago motherfuckers

CHF preview

Rant of the Week by Claudine Ise



Some pieces I wrote for the undergroundish magazine ArtVoices, which at the time was located in New Orleans, but has since made a new home in Los Angeles. Over the course of 2008 & 2009, I contributed several feature stories and reviews, and guest edited two issues. I also edited issue #1 of Turnstile, a fashion magazine published by ArtVoices. Props to Terrance Sanders for keeping it real and alive. As I dig up more of these old gems(ish), they’ll be added.

A matter of perspective: Lawrence Weschler, David Hockney and Robert Irwin

Beatrice Fisher, in memoriam

Screening your calls: the unique vision of Shawn Stucky

Finding the beauty in what is broken: Deva Suckerman

Scott Johnson’s archetypes of the moment



What to expect after March Madness on Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.



David Hockney & Robert Irwin via Lawrence Weschler for The Offending Adam.

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