The Telephone Game

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I am very pleased to announce my participation in The Telephone Show at the Association for Visual Arts – “a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting visual arts and community in personal and experiential ways because we believe that art makes people and communities better” – in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I share those sentiments entirely.

Susan Fox, who runs ShapeShifter – a roving gallery in Chattanooga focussing on one-night exhibitions of new art – curated the show. Like the telephone game some of you might remember playing as kids, this project began with a single piece of art that served as the origin – the first statement made in the game – and that image was passed to the next artist, who created work inspired by the origin piece, and so on. Fun concept for a show, right? Above is my contribution.

If you’re in Chattanooga, the show runs from March 2nd through the end of the month.

UPDATE 3/21:

Word from Chattanooga is that The Telephone Show exhibition was the best attended opening that the Association for Visual Arts has ever had. My thanks to Sue Fox for including me. Here’s some press from the show:

The Times Free Press

Mineral House Media