A crop of my current work in progress, I began this drawing in early November and will be finished with it any moment now. 22×30 inches, ultra-fine point Sharpie on watercolor paper, from the Notes to Self body of work.

This drawing arose from (among other things) long-standing feelings of loss, and the kind of mindfuck that can follow the formation of a sudden hole in your heart. When that loss is broken after years by constantly-hoped-for but unexpected presence, the mindfuck doesn’t necessarily dissipate, it just shifts or gets knocked about. My experience tells me that patience is essential, which is why for the last few months I’ve been grinding down the nibs of several dozen aqua markers on this drawing of a single word, focusing the lions share of my love at it and all that it means to me.

You can see a few more crops of this piece in the WIP gallery.